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Medical Terminology (BAS002)
MAB Institute
Medical Terminology (BAS002)
In this course on Medical Terminology, you will learn to understand complex medical terminology by breaking down terms into prefixes, roots, combining vowels, and suffixes. You will then be able to interpret and explain medical terminology. ...
Insurance Terminology (BAS003)
MAB Institute
Insurance Terminology (BAS003)
In this course on Insurance Terminology, you will learn about terms used in processing medical claims. You will then be able to interpret, explain, and apply insurance terminology. This is a two-hour course, including time spent on exercises...
Commercial / Private Insurance (BAS004)
MAB Institute
Commercial / Private Insurance (BAS004)
In this course on commercial / private insurance, you will learn about the various types of commercial health care plans and unique components that impact the billing process. You will then be able to describe the various types of commercial...
Laws, Fraud, and Ethics (BAS008)
MAB Institute
Laws, Fraud, and Ethics (BAS008)
In this course on Laws, Fraud, and Ethics, you will learn about fraud and abuse laws, policies, and regulations. You will then be able to differentiate and explain fraud and abuse laws and violations and relate them to medical billing...
Introduction to HCPCS Coding (HC001)
MAB Institute
Introduction to HCPCS Coding (HC001)
In this course on Introduction to HCPCS Coding, you will learn how to use the HCPCS coding nomenclature to report devices, drugs, and procedures. You will then be able to reference the HCPCS coding manual sections; classify devices, drugs, and...
Medical Reimbursement for the Market Analyst (Sep 2023) (MAR001 (Sep 23))
Starts on 08/31/2023
MAB Institute
Medical Reimbursement for the Market Analyst (Sep 2023) (MAR001 (Sep 23))
Reimbursement, sales, and marketing professionals (among others) at medical device companies must be able to understand and speak intelligently and accurately about reimbursement issues and apply reimbursement concepts to their product and...
Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) (MBA004)
MAB Institute
Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN) (MBA004)
In this course on the Advance Beneficiary Notice of Noncoverage (ABN), you will learn the criteria to accurately complete an ABN form to facilitate patient collections. You will then be able to prepare an ABN form and examine it for validity. ...
PowerTraining (Mar 2023) (PW001)
MAB Institute
PowerTraining (Mar 2023) (PW001)
MAB Institute offers PowerTrainingâ„¢ to provide 16 hours of online, instructor-led medical billing and coding training over five Tuesdays - a PowerMonthâ„¢! While it is impossible to teach you everything about medical billing and coding in 16...
CMBS-I:  Train-the-Trainer (PW002)
MAB Institute
CMBS-I: Train-the-Trainer (PW002)
MAB Institute's Train-the-Trainer program prepares current Certified Medical Billing Specialist (CMBS) certification holders to teach MAB Institute's PowerWeekend curriculum and has two requirements: completion of this four-hour online course...

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